The Role of Physical Security in Managing Cyber Security Threats

Cyber security has become something of a phenomenon in the past decade. Many organisations have invested millions into increasing levels of security for their information systems network. However, there are some organisations in various parts of the world, have overlooked the physical security of their hardware.

Recently Mega Fortris supported an organisation who was victims of theft, where computer towers were stolen from offices which could have confidential information stored on the hard drives. With such incidents where the organisation themselves do not know if these attacks have been carried out by outsiders or disgruntled employees, they had to take immediate action. The risk of the data falling into the wrong hands it could be a huge cost the organisation.

With such a niche application to secure, Mega Fortris suggested using our MCLZ 5mm cable seal – A high security seal with tamper evident technology. After a long trial process, the organisation were satisfied that the 5mm cable seal was the right product for them, for securing their computer towers and placed their order.

MCLZ 500 Cable Seal

The MCLZ range has been a game changer in the security seals industry. With unique features and high security provided by the seal. The MCLZ cable seal range is a major step towards improving the security of the global supply chain. No other cable seal offers equally high tamper evidence features.

Applications which can be secured by the MCLZ 500 range from Containers, Trailers, Tankers, air cargo containers, rail cars, calibrators and valves, and now also computer towers.


The security value of this unique product is unmatched in the security seal industry, and will provide our many security-conscious clients with an effective means to upgrade their supply chain security.

  1. This cable seal is unique to the security seal industry. It is the 3rd generation cable security seal of its kind and features a non-linear lock body design that prevents shim attacks.
  2. The cable seal is coated in a Shock-proof ABS and is moulded over the zinc lock body that provides clear signs of tampering and enables clear laser marking of permanent seal number, bar code and customer name or logo.
  3. One end of the cable is permanently secured in the lock body and is protected against tampering by a protruding wire guide. The non-linear insert hole features a locking mechanism design that offers unmatched protection against picking.
  4. The lock body of the MCL 500 Z features a large print space for laser marking which provides the most tamper-resistant and tamper-indicating properties, as it cannot be altered without showing clear signs of tampering.
  5. High security seal according to ISP/PAS 17712 standards.
  6. Physical barrier seals which is highly tamper proof.
  7. The MCLZ 5mm Cable Seal shows clear signs of tampering. The Cable can only be removed by using a special cable cutter.

Mega Fortris are proud and pleased to be able to help organisations with their security requirements. We welcome any business with similar issues to contact our expert team to get a tailored solution today. It may not be a cable seal or a bolt seal, but we will put 110% into finding the right solution for you.